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Welcome to the ProBIND2 project at http://ProBIND2.sourceforge.net/

ProBIND2 is a PHP application that will hopefully make life a lot easier for a lot of DNS administrators. ProBIND generates BIND configuration and zone files based on the contents of a MySQL database. It includes tools for maintaining the database, as well as checking for consistency.
ProBIND2 is extention of ProBIND (see http://ProBIND.sourceforge.net), with numerious extentions.

Released versions of ProBIND2:

Download ProBIND-2.0.tgz

New: Download ProBIND2.0-build1.tgz.. Changelog here

Project homepage on SourceForge:

Documentation: Design and Implementation Installation Guide Operational Guide

Old ProBIND project:

Released versions of ProBIND:


Project homepage

Please check back soon for updates or visit SourceForge

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